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5ive Star Gear Firestarter Steel

Solid 4” striking rod to make those firestarting sparks in any weather conditions.


5ive Star Gear GI Magnesium Firestarter

A milspec magnesium firestarter that will dependably start you a fire.


Adventurer 1

Record your observations in your Tusked Crescent Gray Journal with your Fisher Capomatic Space Pen and with your Gerber Shard keychain Multi-tool at the ready to assist with any opening, prying, stripping or screwing that may need to be done.


Adventurer 2

CRKT’s serious monster of a multi-tool-the Zilla- forms an adventure-ready edc carry with Tusked Crescent’s Gray Journal and the Fisher Capomatic Space Pen.

Out of stock.

Adventurer 3

An excellent minimalist EDC carry! Tusked Crescent’s Gray journal provides plenty of space for writing and drawing with the solid Fisher Trekker pen, while the rugged Gerber Shard offers a place for your key and some useful tools.

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